Bluetooth Weight Scale With Smart APP LED Digital Display

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1. The measurement range handles up to 180kg.
2. It is not a single measurement function of APP, but a close combination of exercise, comprehensive analysis, and evaluation of measurement indicators, exercise records, diet records, and gives personalized body shape, muscle gain, fitness exercise prescriptions, and diet programs. More scientific and practical.
3. 76 items of data are in full control of body changes. While measuring the data, recommend achievable goals based on your exercise habits and recent physical conditions, so that you can multiply your efforts with half the effort.
4. Daily/weekly: every time you weigh yourself, you will move on your phone to generate daily/weekly records. The curve changes at a glance.
5. Body scale is just for family daily use and should not be used as medical usage. You should consult a professional when undertaking any diet or exercise program.

This product does not contain batteries. Two AAA batteries need to be purchased by yourself.